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The complete guide to modernizing your legal department

What will you learn in this ebook?

Over the last few years, the workload of in-house legal professionals has been soaring. Faced with this heavy workload, legal departments have no choice but to transform the way they work if they are to keep pace with the growth of other departments and not slow down the business. So, how do you achieve successful legal transformation?

1. From support function to business partner: what are the consequences for the lawyer and the company?

Over the past decade or so, the upheaval in the economic context facing companies has made the role of legal departments more complex.

2. Legal Operations: the future of legal departments?

A function aimed at increasing the efficiency of lawyers while reducing the operating costs of the legal department and improving the quality of service provided to internal clients.

3. Technology as an acceleration lever for legal departments

Over the past 20 years, technological developments have made it possible to democratize specialized software for legal departments. What is the situation?

4. How to succeed in your legal transformation: a step by step guide

Here are the keys to succeed in your transformation by creating an environment adapted to the modernization of your legal department through 3 essential pillars: internal processes, technology and innovation culture.

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