Make your negotiations more efficient and secure

Manage all stages of the negotiation on a single platform and streamline communication with your teams right up to the signature.

Comments, markup and much more

Tomorro offers a range of tools designed for effective contract negotiation.

Internal and external comments with replies to comments
Intuitive modification tracking with suggestions
Monitoring clause negotiations
"Tomorro is a great tool for people on the team who need to draft agreements but don't come from a legal background.”
Kader Zedek
Head of Legal and Compliance, Pretto
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Dedicated portal for your co-contractors

Invite your co-contractors to trade on Leeway by giving them access to a dedicated portal that's separate from yours: they only see what you share, and vice versa.

Secure, partitioned co-contractor portal
Unlimited free external users
Customize the look and feel of your portal to match your corporate image
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The 2024 guide for optimal contract management

What are the impacts, risks and costs of manual contract management?
What new technological solutions are on the market?
Discover 21 pages of advice, methods and case studies to help you manage your contracts effectively!
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Free, integrated electronic signature

Streamline your negotiation process with a simple, intuitive signing experience for all stakeholders.

Fluidifiez votre processus de négociation avec une expérience de signature simple et intuitive pour les différentes parties prenantes.
Native DocuSign© integration
Legally binding electronic signature
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"Tomorro has dramatically improved our ability to manage contracts accurately and quickly. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set perfectly match the requirements of our industry.”
Alexia Delahousse • Vp Legal, Qonto
"Tomorro is a great tool for people on the team who need to draft agreements but don't come from a legal background.”
Kader Zedek • Head of Legal and Compliance, Pretto
"The support and responsiveness of Tomorro's teams made all the difference.”
Valentine Alagnat • IT Purshasing Manager, Vinci
"Tomorro has become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day work of our team, guaranteeing speed in the contractualization process and making it easier to follow negotiations through to signature.”
Nassim Ameli • Legal Advisor, Voodoo
"We opted for Tomorro for its easy-to-implement tool, which we deployed across the legal and sales teams to streamline our contract drafting and negotiation processes.”
Florence Rivat • General Counsel, Evaneos
"Tomorro has changed my daily life, and is enabling Lano to absorb the volume of contracts linked to the company's growth."
Bhagyashree Pancholy • General Counsel, Lano

Start today, deploy next week

From the outset, we designed Tomorro to be simple and flexible, to suit every need.


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