Webinar #2

How Lovys accelerates business growth with legal tech


It’s no secret that legal departments are increasingly being asked to do more with less.

The variety and volume of legal requests are on the rise while legal headcount never grows at the pace of the business.

Not to mention, companies that operate in regulated fields must ensure compliance with complex and often international legal regulations.

This is why legal tech has become an essential ingredient for legal function scalability.

Lovys is a scaling insurtech startup whose legal team is using a number of different tools, including a contract management platform and an equity management platform, to help the legal function scale, ensure compliance and support international growth.

Tune in to this webinar to hear from Jordan Zaluski, Head of Legal & Compliance at Lovys, Alex Leger, Founder & CEO of Equify and Steph Smith, Content Creator at Leeway, explore how legal teams can use legal tech to support business growth and optimise resources within the legal function.

The program

👉 The legal tech landscape

👉 Why you might want to adopt legal tech 

👉 What to think about when choosing a solution

👉 How to get the most out of your legal tech investment

👉 How Lovys is optimising resources with the help of legal tech

Jordan Zaluski
Head of Legal & Compliance

Jordan is the Head of Legal & Compliance at Lovys, an all-in-one B2C digital subscription-based insurtech disrupter that is rapidly growing across Europe. Jordan gained 13 years of cross-border transactional, dispute and regulatory experience from in-house and top-tier law firms in France and the UK. He now leverages his expertise to build flexible, scalable legal infrastructure and provide multidisciplinary business and legal support.

Alexandre Leger Cattarini
Founder & CEO

Alexandre is a former tax lawyer turned SaaS-founder on a mission to turn equity and shareholder management into trust and engagement. Alexandre founded Equify, a platform that simplifies equity management. From shareholder issuance to ownership records, Equify assists entrepreneurs in implementing compliant, accurate, and effective equity plans. The platform is the single source of truth for all stakeholders.

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