We believe in radical transformation, and AI represents the next frontier.

Let us tell you a bit about our story…

Contracts serve as the backbone of business relationships, upon which every company worldwide relies.

When we embarked on our journey in 2019, the concept of negotiating a contract online was perceived as a radical, almost heretical idea. The traditional ways of conducting business and legal affairs were deeply entrenched, and our vision challenged the status quo.

However, we held steadfast to the belief that online contract negotiation could not only be a feasible option but also the future standard in business transactions and relationships.

After years of unwavering dedication and relentless innovation, hundreds of thousands of contracts are now negotiated on Tomorro each year, and this number is set to soon reach millions.

While this accomplishment marks a significant milestone, it is merely a step towards the future we've always envisaged. It underscores the transformative power of online contract negotiation and the trust placed by businesses worldwide in Tomorro to navigate this evolving landscape.

Moreover, we foresaw that this transformation would not only streamline processes but also uncover a multitude of previously undiscovered opportunities.

Today, five years later, we envision a future where AI fundamentally revolutionizes the legal landscape, rendering traditional contract handling obsolete.

While the shift from paper to digital screens began three decades ago, in 2024, AI emerges as the next pivotal transformation, reshaping how contracts are created, negotiated, and managed. What we've build over the past five years forms the ideal ecosystem to facilitate this evolution.

We believe that contracts are no longer drafted to be read.

In the past, we relied on handshakes to seal agreements. However, as the importance of these agreements increased, we sought more secure methods. This led to the creation of formal documents, which turned out to be more complex and time-consuming to write, read and revise over time.

It's likely that you've developed your own shortcuts and techniques to navigate through these documents more efficiently (comparing them, searching for keywords in the content, etc.)

We believe that the era of manually opening and reviewing contracts is coming to an end. Contracts will evolve into points of reference, consulted only when necessary.

We envision a future where the traditional, laborious process of reviewing a contract doesn't require going through each line of the contract meticulously, nor does it require understanding every legal jargon embedded in. Instead, contract review will seamlessly incorporate AI-powered agents that understand what matters to you and offer relevant suggestions based on your previous decisions and interactions.

Likewise, our vision extends to contract approval and signing being accomplished without even seeing the document, leveraging AI to identify and summarize key elements, thus saving precious time.

In this future, contracts themselves, replete with intricate legal language, will take a back seat. Instead, they will only be consulted when necessary, perhaps in case of disputes or clarification. This not only streamlines processes but also enhances accessibility, dismantling traditional barriers to contract management.

We believe in the collaboration between humans and AI.

I has swiftly assumed responsibility for mundane tasks, providing substantial support to contract representatives in their daily tasks, but this is only the beginning, with significant innovations on the horizon. Much of legal work involves reading, writing, and reasoning—tasks that AI can now effectively handle.

However, sealing an agreement entails much more than simply signing a contract. It signifies an act of trust and marks the beginning of a relationship based not only on legal terms and conditions but also on mutual understanding and cooperation.

While AI initially focused on straightforward tasks, its ability to handle more complex tasks implies that it will reshape the roles and responsibilities of Legal Counsels, elevating them to provide more expertise and strategic insight.

Despite technological advancements, no contract can be initiated or concluded without human involvement. AI's role is to assist you, allowing you to focus on what you do best: making decisions, building strategy. The human side, your empathy, your ability to understand nuances, and your knowledge of your business’ specificities are vital to the process, highlighting the importance of human involvement in sealing agreements.

Human and AI collaboration only works if seamlessly embedded in the systems you use everyday.  Your actions—accepting, rejecting, redlining, or commenting while reviewing a contract in Tomorro—serve as valuable input for AI to better guide you. This positions us perfectly to provide you with relevant insights, suggestions and recommendations.

While we may not have decades of experience in this industry, we understand the sensitivity of these data to your business. As a software editor, embracing change is essential for innovation. However, we also have a responsibility to create the right framework to provide you with access to these technological innovations under optimal conditions. This has led to significant decisions at Tomorro. For example, as a French and European company - similar to our approach with our application servers in 2019, we have opted to host and operate all AI operations on Azure French servers, which are 100% partitioned, and we also decided not to train models using your data. And last but not least, we allow you to decide whether to activate these AI-powered features or not.

We believe that companies failing to embrace AI will be left behind.

This marks a new era for legal and contract management, which may seem daunting, especially for the legal function too often perceived as a hindrance to growth and undervalued for its dedication to defending the company's interests.

This evolution heralds a more intuitive and inclusive approach, empowering individuals and organizations alike to navigate contractual landscapes with unprecedented ease and confidence.

In today's business landscape, companies neglecting to harness AI in contract management risk falling behind. It's no longer just about maintaining competitiveness; it's about future-proofing your business for what lies ahead.

At Tomorro, we do more than just build software. From the start, we've envisioned making contracts a pleasant, seamless, and collaborative process, transforming them from merely a legal matter to a company-wide topic. We've been committed to crafting solutions that bring this vision to life.

Today presents a new opportunity to extend this vision even further. We're not only streamlining processes for greater efficiency but also enhancing accessibility, breaking down longstanding barriers that have traditionally complicated contract management.

We are Tomorro