Lano is a unified platform for hiring, managing and paying employees worldwide.Their mission? To enable companies to access talent to strengthen their teams anywhere in the world. Their platform reduces the complexities of international recruitment and global payroll to enable over 2,000 companies to grow internationally. Founded in 2018, Lano is based in Berlin, Germany, operates in over 170 countries worldwide and has enabled over 2,000 companies to grow internationally. A company that sets an example by offering a diverse, multicultural working environment with nearly 100 employees in 22 countries on 5 continents.

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Lano's challenge

Hire anywhere, pay anywhere. This is the value proposition of this Berlin-based start-up, which contracts on a daily basis to simplify the search for and management of international talent.

It's a win-win situation. On the one hand, companies can hire from anywhere in the world and pay their employees flexibly everywhere. On the other hand, freelancers and employees can work on challenging international projects with complete peace of mind.

A value proposition that generates a substantial and siloed stream of administrative work, as Lano's business is spread over three different products that function differently from an operational point of view.

Prior to the implementation of a contract management solution, contractual processes were managed manually, making the process tedious for both customers and Lano teams. Sales staff were not empowered to initiate contractualization.

Résultat ? Très peu de visibilité sur l’avancée négociations, des contrats éparpillés dans plusieurs outils différents et un effet goulot d’étranglement impactant directement le délai de signature des contrats.

Tomorro x Salesforce integration: what does it actually look like at Lano?

As with many companies, collaboration between sales and legal teams was a major issue for Lano.

The objective of Maxence and the legal team was threefold:

  1. Enable sales reps to initiate contracts from their CRM
  2. Create a commercially efficient and legally reliable contractual system
  3. Gain visibility by aligning around a single source of truth

It was against this backdrop, and to optimize collaboration between the Sales and Legal teams, that Lano set up Tomorro.

Combined with Salesforce, Tomorro enables each salesperson to generate a contract from their Salesforce account, and synchronize data between the two solutions.

In concrete terms, the contract is automatically created as soon as the opportunity reaches a predefined status. To increase efficiency, contract data can be automatically pre-filled with information already present in Salesforce.

The result? Sales staff are autonomous in contracting with their customers from their CRM, without leaving their work environment. Templates are set up in advance by the legal team to ensure compliance. Legal experts are called in when necessary and at the right time to review, negotiate or validate the contract on Tomorro. It's a process that has made an impact, and the results have not been long in coming: the average time taken by Lano customers to sign contracts is 60 minutes, compared with several days before Tomorro was deployed.

Considerable gains in efficiency and visibility

Tomorro was deployed at Lano from November 2022 to create a reliable, high-performance contractual system, centralize the contractual relationship on a single platform and gain visibility over the progress of negotiations.

Centralize the contractual relationship on a single platform

Before Tomorro, contracts were negotiated via Google Doc, Microsoft Word, Page (Mac) depending on the customer. Lano's teams regularly had to navigate between different solutions, different versions and back and forth by e-mail, sometimes resulting in the wrong version of the contract being signed.

Implementing Tomorro has enabled Lano to centralize negotiation and streamline communications in one place. In concrete terms, the Lano teams and their customers follow a common contractual workflow in which each co-contractor knows what is expected of him/her, step by step, right up to the signing of the contract.

Gain visibility on the progress of negotiations

Before Tomorro, contracts were negotiated in silos in Word files stored locally by the legal team. The sales team had no visibility of the progress of negotiations. The legal team had to be called in regularly to gather information and monitor negotiations. This lack of visibility and fluidity in the collaboration between the two teams had an impact on the contract signature deadline and the relationship with the customer.

Today, Lano teams can monitor the progress of negotiations and contract status in real time, directly from their CRM, without having to call on the teams in charge of the contract. Likewise, valuable data on the company's contractual performance is collected, enabling them to continuously adjust their contractualization process.

Lano's criteria for selecting the right contract management tool

Choosing the right tool for your company's needs is no easy task, as each contract management tool has its own specific features and functionalities.

Here are the criteria used by Maxence Levasseur to choose the most suitable contract management tool for Lano:

  1. A tool appreciated by business teams and easy to use to encourage adoption. Practical, easy-to-use contract management software for all teams (Sales, Marketing, Legal, Customer Support).
  2. Integrations between the contract management software and the tools used on a daily basis. To increase efficiency and improve tracking, it was essential for Lano to connect its contracts with its business tools (natively, via webhook or API). Salesforce in particular, to optimize collaboration between legal and sales teams.
  3. The ability to monitor contracts using reliable indicators. It was essential for Lano to be able to synchronize data between CRM and CLM, so that Lano's Sales and Legal teams could agree on a single source of truth. Valuable data to gain visibility and continuously improve the contractualization process.
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"Tomorro has dramatically improved our ability to manage contracts accurately and quickly. Its intuitive interface and robust feature set perfectly match the requirements of our industry.”
Alexia Delahousse • Vp Legal, Qonto
"Tomorro is a great tool for people on the team who need to draft agreements but don't come from a legal background.”
Kader Zedek • Head of Legal and Compliance, Pretto
"The support and responsiveness of Tomorro's teams made all the difference.”
Valentine Alagnat • IT Purshasing Manager, Vinci
"Tomorro has become an indispensable tool in the day-to-day work of our team, guaranteeing speed in the contractualization process and making it easier to follow negotiations through to signature.”
Nassim Ameli • Legal Advisor, Voodoo
"We opted for Tomorro for its easy-to-implement tool, which we deployed across the legal and sales teams to streamline our contract drafting and negotiation processes.”
Florence Rivat • General Counsel, Evaneos
"Tomorro has changed my daily life, and is enabling Lano to absorb the volume of contracts linked to the company's growth."
Bhagyashree Pancholy • General Counsel, Lano

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