February 7, 2020

[eBook] The complete guide to modernizing your legal department

How can you ensure successful legal transformation? Which tech solutions should you choose? How can you convince your colleague? What are the pitfalls to avoid? Find out inside.

Legal Ops

Over the last few years, the workload of in-house legal professionals has been soaring. This is no surprise considering how regulations, technology, and the economic environment are increasing the legal needs of businesses.

However, faced with this heavy workload, legal departments have no choice but to transform the way they work if they are to keep pace with the growth of other departments and not slow down the business.

But how do you achieve a successful legal transformation? Which technology solutions should you choose? How do you convince and involve your employees? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

It's not always easy to find your way around!

To answer these questions we decided to speak with legal departments who have been through it. After having met with more than 120 of them, we wanted to share with you our findings in order to accompany you in the modernization of your legal department, step by step.

Inside, you'll find:

1) The new role of the lawyer

2) The emergence of legal operations

3) Technology as a lever for acceleration

4) A step-by-step guide and a bonus checklist to modernize your legal department

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